Erection problems are far more common than one might think it to be. Recently, a survey showed that one out of every three men suffered from erection problems. A good percentage of men around the world are affected by this. However, in many of the cases, they often go unnoticed or ignored due to the social stigma attached to it. The penis is the main part of a man and not being able to get or maintain an erection is often looked down upon.
Due to such mindsets, the patient often suffers secretly, afraid to discuss the problem with anyone. In this article, we would be discussing these problems and london sex therapist.
What Are Erection Problems?
Erectile dysfunction or impotence is often regarded as an erection problem. Under this, the patient cannot get an erection or cannot maintain it for long enough to have sex. This can occur at any age, though mostly this happens at an older age or to men with some health issues.
Erection refers to the stiffening of the penis due to increased blood flow into the tissues, caused by sexual arousal. If such cases of erection problems are rare, they might be ignored. However, if in 50% or more cases, someone faces this problem, they should genuinely consult a doctor. One needs to remember that this can happen to anyone so there is no reason to feel ashamed.
Causes of Erection Problems
There can be several causes behind this. Let us list down some of them –
• Stress and depression.
• Due to prostate problems.
• Drug and alcohol abuse
• Prolonged use of tobacco.
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure.
Commonly, elderly men get affected by this problem. However, recently men aged 20-30 are also getting affected. The biggest reason behind this can be considered as increased stress in day-to-day lifestyle and bad food habits.
Men, there is nothing to be afraid of. With correct medication and patience, you will overcome this problem quite soon. One can surely go for therapy in London. You just need to book an appointment with the therapist beforehand.
Studies have shown that massage and therapy often help to regain the ability to get erect very fast.
Before starting your treatment, the doctor grades your condition as mild, moderate or severe. Treatment is done accordingly.
Few steps of treatment maybe –
• Use of penile injections
• Oral medications
• Oil massage and therapy
• Penis implant surgery.
• Use of vacuum devices.
Other than all these, the patient is required to make a change in his lifestyle. He is asked to take proper rest, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and stop the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.